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Net Opening and Closing

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The Men and Women Behind the Microphone

     • K7DRT (Dave) - Net Control Manager - Tucson, AZ

     • K2AMF (Neil) - Spokane, WA

     • KG6DVE (John) - Brookings, OR

     • KW6EZ (Ross) - Larkspur, CA

     • W6FOG (Neil) - Quartzsite, AZ

     • KH6JRC (Jim) - Redding, CA

     • KK6KSY (Tina) - Union City, CA

     • N7NEU (Gary) - Sprague River, OR

     • K6ODI (Mike) - Winnemucca, NV

     • KI7PGO (Joe) - Salem, OR

     • K6SMO (Paul) - Santa Monica, CA

     • W6VVV (Gary) - Quartzsite, AZ

Some History of the International RV Service Net

The International RV Service net has been in operation for many years in several formats. It started as a part of the Wally Byam Caravan Club International Amateur Radio Club. WBCCI still has nets on 40 meters across the country in different time zones. We believe our West Coast 40 meter net was started by Don Hills K6BYP. He was the net manager until after his 90th birthday when his health deteriorated. Arch McGregor W6AGZ carried on as net manager until May 2001. KA6TGE Don DeGroot was then designated as the manager. In 2005, Bill Jones KD7S followed Don as net manager. Gary Neumeister N7NEU became net manager in November 2011. Neil Hays W6FOG became net manager in May 2017 when Gary gave it up to begin the process of building his new house. Aftter building his house, Gary Neumeister N7NEU again became net manager in July 2018. On April 1, 2019 Gary gave up this net managements duties and turned them over to Dave Tulloss, who is now our new net manager.

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