About Our Rallies

For those of you who have not been to one of our rallies, here is some information you might find helpful, and perhaps we can also give you some of the flavor of a typical Pacific RV Service Net Rally.  Our rallies are designed with a number of organized activities but also with free time each day so that attendees can visit with friends or relax on their own, either in the clubhouse or enjoying the great outdoors.  We have presentations on two or three days, and crafts and games throughout the rally.

Our rallies are scheduled for 4 nights – Monday thru Thursday – but attendees may choose to come for extra days.  Often at our rally locations, there are nearby motels if someone wishes to attend without an RV.  In Banning it is possible rent cabins and to rent RV’s on-site for a reasonable cost. 

Special Activities

The special activities we describe below are many of the activities that are usually part of our rallies. We change our activities from time-to-time based on attendee recommendations and popular requests. During each rally we hold a “Business Meeting” where discussions include future rally dates, locations, and activities.

Breakfast – On Tuesday we provide a full breakfast and have a gourmet coffee bar where everyone can choose from a number of flavored or regular coffees and make there own with a Keurig. On Wedneday and Thursday we provide a gourmet coffee bar and limited continental breakfast which typically includes pastries/bagels and fruit.   

Happy Hours – Each evening we have a Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB) happy hour beginning at 5:00.

Tuesday Night – This Happy Hour precedes our fun night activities, and is a special Happy Hour where a light dinner such as pizza or sub sandwiches will be provided before the fun begins.

Fun Night – Tuesday evening we have a fun and unique activity.  A good time will be had by all.

Potluck Dinner – Wednesday night is our potluck dinner.  A grill is provided so that you can bring and cook your own entrée.  Each rig is asked to bring a side dish to share.  Each rig is also asked to bring one prize to be given away as part of the prize drawing.

Prize Drawing – We wrap up Wednesday night with a drawing for the prizes brought by each rig, and a separate drawing for two Grand Prizes.

Dinner/Lunch Out – We normally have one lunch (usually Tuesday or Wednesday) and one dinner (on our last night) at a local restaurant.

Presentations – We typically have a presentation on two or three days.  Presentations are a mix—usually one or two technical and one non-technical.  Past presentations have focused on subjects such as various antennas, circuit boards, portable radio stations, Auduino boards and projects, Raspberry Pi's, etc.,  as well as butterfly life cycles, identifying birds, and using Cricut machines for crafts and projects. Some presentations have actually been workshops for building your own antennas, etc.

What to bring to the Rally?

•  Potluck dish - to share for our Wednesday night dinner.

•  Your entrée – for you to grill for your Wednesday night dinner (grill provided)

•  Drawing Prize - About a $10 - $15 value item to be given away as part of the prize drawing on Wednesday night. What kind or prize, you may ask? Think about what kind of prize that you would like to receive. These prizes can be any kind of item that you think would be useful and appeal to others. Gadgets, craft or decorative items, tools, wine, food…you name it.

•  Crafts or games - If you have any crafts to demonstrate or for group members to work on, or games you would like to share, please bring them. 

Questions? If you have any questions or would like further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by selecting “Contact Us” from the above menu bar.

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